Need a car key replacement in Houston area?  Maybe you have lost car keys, or worse still had them stolen.  Perhaps one has become worn and unreliable.  Or maybe you need a spare to keep handy or for a new driver in the family.  There’s no need to go to a dealership or even come into our shop.  Our mobile car locksmith experts come you ready for all foreign and domestic models.  Licensed, insured, and bonded they’ll show you their State of Texas issued photo ID, provide a written estimate, then get right to work.

Repair & Replace All Ignitions

Is your ignition switch jammed?  Or did the key break off?  Years ago it was frighteningly easy to hot-wire a car by bypassing the ignition switch.  Not so today with closed dashboards and steering wheel interlocks.  But our car locksmiths can repair the switch or replace the cylinder (just like a building door lock) without a long detour to your mechanic (who doesn’t specialize in locks anyway).  Again, we have the specialized tools, training, and parts for just about any make and model, foreign or domestic.

Transponder Chip Keys

Wireless transponder keys were developed primarily as a theft deterrent.  In addition to the physical key, a computer chip inside the fob exchanges a series of random-looking codes with the vehicle’s onboard computer.  If the codes don’t match an “immobilizer” prevents the car from starting even if the key fits.

Key Extraction

If your problem is a key broken off in the ignition, door, or trunk in nearly every situation our experts can quickly remove it without damaging the lock.

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