We’re here to help.  If you’re locked out of your home, keep calm — SmithLock residential locksmith services will have you back inside before you know it.  If you’ve had a break-in our experts will rekey or replace your locks to restore your security, both physical and mental.  Have a broken lock?  We’re just the residential locksmith Houston to fix it.  You can count on our reputation for prompt affordable services. Our residential locksmith services include key cutting, lock change and repairs, rekey, doorknob & deadbolt installations safe unlocking and more

As trained and licensed locksmiths we do far more than making duplicate keys and opening lockouts.  Here are just some of our most-asked-for services in and around Houston:

House Lockout

A house lockout is always a royal bother, especially if you’re about to leave in the morning, are in the middle of preparing dinner, or are returning home late at night.  It may be tempting to break a window, but how much will that repair cost?  And what will you do the next time everyone leaves the house unoccupied?  Our house lockout services are the quick and affordable answer.  We can take care of jammed or broken key extraction as well as lock repair, rekey, and replacement.

Rekey/ Master key

If it’s a matter of not having a key, we can usually get you back inside within minutes. And a broken off key doesn’t take us much longer. We can also make a key replacement and duplicate keys for you right on the spot.

But if you’ve lost a key, especially if you suspect it might have been stolen or fallen into the wrong hands, our rekey services quickly and economically restore your home’s security. That involves replacing just the inner mechanism and issuing new matching keys, and costs way less than replacing the whole lock. That’s also important for new home purchases (who knows how many keys are out there?) and real estate agents.

We can also master key a house so that you’re back to one key for the front door, back door, and inside garage door — just like it should be. We’ll also take care of lost filing cabinet, desk drawer, and mailbox keys.

Locks Change/Repair

Sometimes a lock is too badly damaged or simply too old and insecure to be repaired.  That’s especially true for patio doors.  They’re often worn from heavy use, making them a prime target for burglars.  You can count on us for top-quality locks and installation.  As part of out quality locksmith services, we install and service all major brands for your family’s safety and security.  That’s also ideal for upgrading from developer and discount store hardware.

Need a car key replacement in Houston area?  Maybe you have lost car keys, or worse still had them stolen.  Perhaps one has become worn and unreliable.  Or maybe you need a spare to keep handy or for a new driver in the family.  There’s no need to go to a dealership or even come into our shop.  Our mobile car locksmith experts come you ready for all foreign and domestic models.  Licensed, insured, and bonded they’ll show you their State of Texas issued photo ID, provide a written estimate, then get right to work.

Repair & Replace All Ignitions

Is your ignition switch jammed?  Or did the key break off?  Years ago it was frighteningly easy to hot-wire a car by bypassing the ignition switch.  Not so today with closed dashboards and steering wheel interlocks.  But our car locksmiths can repair the switch or replace the cylinder (just like a building door lock) without a long detour to your mechanic (who doesn’t specialize in locks anyway).  Again, we have the specialized tools, training, and parts for just about any make and model, foreign or domestic.

Transponder Chip Keys

Wireless transponder keys were developed primarily as a theft deterrent.  In addition to the physical key, a computer chip inside the fob exchanges a series of random-looking codes with the vehicle’s onboard computer.  If the codes don’t match an “immobilizer” prevents the car from starting even if the key fits.

Key Extraction

If your problem is a key broken off in the ignition, door, or trunk in nearly every situation our experts can quickly remove it without damaging the lock.